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Honey week

Honey week

From 18th August, two week-ends dedicated to the world of bees and honey

Smielatura - 800Many markets, performances and tasting sessions will be dedicated to the sweetest among the local products. There will also be workshops focusing on the use on honey while cooking, special training restaurants and theme dinner.


Friday 18th August

Piazzetta Pisacane 
9.30 p.m. honey extraction preview 

Saturday 19th August

Viale Roma - Piazzale Pascoli 
9.30 p.m. honey extraction 

Friday 25th August 

Piazzetta Pisacane 
9.30 p.m. guided honey tasting 

Saturday 26th August 

Viale Roma - Piazzale Pascoli
9.30 p.m. honey extraction

For the whole week: honey at breakfast in the bar of the centre, in some restaurants and honey tasting evenings


from 18th to 26th August 2017


Viale Roma and town historical centre



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