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Christmas in Cervia

Christmas in Cervia

Winter to love

Piantina Cervia

Cervia is rich in peculiar and curious Nativity scenes and plays, from the Nativity made of salt to a Nativity scene on the water.
Many are the activities and the surprises included in this festive picture. Many are the local street market stalls, the shows, the concerts cramming the whole holiday period programme. In Garibaldi Square the ice-skating rink is a hub of attraction and amusement for young people meeting every feast afternoon under the big Christmas tree. Especially dedicated to the little ones is the Store of Santa Claus.

Pista del ghiaccio

 Ph: Piero Alvisi
Via Emilia - 250


Christmas in Cervia is always full of events: the traditional ice-skating rink, exhibitions and workshops at Musa - The Salt Museum, concerts, markets, folk traditions, and art exhibitions.

The big, renovated ice skating rink in the heart of Piazza Garibaldi goes around a big Christmas tree.

The village Christmas Emotions will be enlivened by little houses selling food and crafts, as well as workshops and shows.

A lifesize floating salt nativity scene will be set up in the Magazzini del Sale area. Also floating on the water are three salt pyramids that represent the production of "white gold" here.

For New Year's Eve, do not miss the fireworks accompanied by music and the "burning" of the Magazzino del sale “Dock”, followed by DJ sets and other live music to celebrate the new year.

On January 6 the tradition continues with the Pasqualotti in piazza Garibaldi and the crowded Sea Dip of the Befana in Pinarella with music, tastings and mulled wine.



form 8th December 2017 to 7th January 2018



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