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ARTEVENTO FESTIVAL 2019, 39th International Kite Festival

ARTEVENTO FESTIVAL 2019, 39th International Kite Festival

39th edition. Kites from all over the world gathering and flying over the beach

ARTEVENTO - Festival Internazionale dell'Aquilone, aquiloni in spiaggia


Ever since 1981 kites from all over the world have been gathering here and flying over the beach.

The International Kite Festival matches creativity and fantasy.

The event is rich in talents and original patterns.

Do not miss the live concerts in the evening and the spectacular night flights which will add magic to this wonderful event suspended between the sky and the sea.

This festival will be further enriched by wind energy works and the "Kite Fair", a specialised market, one of the most important in Europe, and artistic and ethnic quality handicraft.

Stands and workshops will be available for learning the kite building technique. “Wind artists” from all over the world will be present.


International Kite Festival, night fly



from Saturday 20th April to Wednesday 1st May 2019


Pinarella beach


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