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European Market - 14th edition

European Market - 14th edition

From 15th September, typical products and flavours from Europe

Mercato Europeo - EN - 400x400 - foto Angela Raggi In the old city centre of Cervia, for an entire weekend, shopping becomes international and offers an opportunity to know cultures and customs from various European countries. More than 100 street traders from all over Europe and other regions of Italy come together in Cervia to propose typical food and handicraft products of their places of origin. This event that has been hosted over the years by cities such as Manchester, Saragossa, Florence and Trieste, took place for the first time in Strasbourg in 1990.

Mercato Europeo - speck - 400x400

 Photo n.1 - Angela Raggi   


From 15th to 17th September 2017


from 10.00 a.m. to midnight


Piazza Andrea Costa



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